Diamond Blades vs Abrasive Blades

Construction sites is a great place to find materials and there are plenty of types that you can find in them. Construction sites have a lot of materials that have the need of cutting regularly and it can range from stone to concrete and from clay to tiles. Stones and clays are materials that are strong and sturdy and the workers need to have the necessary equipment in order to work on these materials. Abrasive blades have been used for a long time already and they are also used to for various cutting tasks but it's the diamond blades that are currently the trend among the workers and the contractors. Read on OX Tools

Abrasive blades are composed of hard materials that include material compounds such as aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, which are both fused together to form a blade. While it may be true that these are strong materials, it is also true that they wear off pretty quickly when it comes to them being spun at high speeds when they are turned into a blade.
The sad part about abrasive blades is that when they are used during cutting processes, they quickly wear down and the life of the blade is effectively cut short. One dangerous disadvantage of abrasive blades is that it creates life-threatening materials when used during the cutting process in the form of silicon and carbide fibers during the use of the blade.

Diamond blades however are made using synthetic diamond crystals and these diamond crystals are set in place by synthetic materials that formulate a unique mixture of various metals that reduce the rate at which the diamond crystals are exposed during cutting. Harder bonds are found in between the diamond and the metal in which results to a reduction in diamond erosion, which is amazingly designed for softer applications such as green concrete or even asphalty. Proceed to read more about

Unlike abrasive blades which is at an obvious disadvantage when compared to diamond blades, it produces a unique friction that is made between the diamond crystals and the surface of the object that it is being used on and as such produces a great precise cut and a very clean one. The diamond blade that is being used as a great and strong build quality which makes it ultimately safer than the abrasive baldes. The quality and performance of the diamond blade is the best that you can get out there and when it comes to your wanting for good results in making quality work then there is no other choice than this. View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKVRa8ahvAQ